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  • Baldanse / "Ball Dances"
  • by D.T.S. Bjerregaard

  • Oxekow 2009
  • Mads Nielsen, Tiufkjær Mark
  • /"The Fields of Tiufkjær"               
  • Mellem Højene – 1997 (udsolgt)
  • "Betweens the heights" (out of stock)
  • Sort på Hvidt – 1986 (udsolgt)
  • "Black on white" (out of stock)

Review in ”Trin & Toner”/ ”Steps and Tones”:

One of the most sounding folk groups has thrown itself over the task to record a CD with

ball dances by D.T.S. Bjerregaard…….

The approach of the ”Jelling Folk Music Group” to the music by D.T.S. Bjerregaard is based on

the traditional Danish folk music. And the group delivers with great precision.

There is no doubt what the folk musicians want with their melodies.

There is a wonderful swing that gives you a desire to dance.

The melodies are festive and happy, and you can only be in a good mood of listening to them.

The melodies are well arranged, and all the instruments get in place at the front of the

sound image.

The melody types are all well-known: Polka, ”vals”, hopsa, gallop, schottis, mazurka,

”sekstur” and march.

Listen to mp3-files from our newest CD

Baldanse af D.T.S. Bjerregaard
Bagatel Polka
Den lille frøken Gunhild
Den traadløse Tellefon
Fest March

The ”Jelling Folk Music Group” had 25 years anniversary in 2008. On that occasion the group had
released a new CD: ”Oxekow”.
Clips from reviews of ”Oxekow”
…..the CD released on the occasion of the 25 years anniversary of ”Jelling Folk Group”, and it is – like in earlier CD’s – a series of  fine melodies presented in the best end of the folk music genre.
The arrangements are good, the music is rhythmic and sounding, the mix of music is tuned
under the direction of Ole Emig.
The mixing is successful, and the cover moreover is well  equipped.
A few details separate the ”Jelling Folk Music Group” from all other music groups.
Primarily the courage to calmness and gentleness –
in some numbers it’s almost lyrical and sensitive.
It’s quite difficult to stick together for happy amateurs, but here they succeed – for instance
in number 3 (”Bødkervalsen”/ ”The Cooper Roller”). Then the desire to precious details which
requires that you have discipline in order to be able to deliver – but it’s something that
succeeds in several numbers ( if you listen carefully).
This is not great art and progressive folk music – but that’s not the point either.
The CD lives up to the expectations raised and is a good example of
how far you can go when you love to play and have teamwork discipline.

 Per Dyrholm ROOTZONE

……The repertoire is varied and versatile, and the CD bears the touch of melodies that are 

solidly worked out before recording. The instrumentation switches from melody to melody,

and the instruments change role along the way both as accompaniments, as second voice and second voice and

as song leading – and all of it gives the listener an exciting experience.

There is nerve and energy in the music. From the first tone there is a good and safe start,

and your feet find it hard to stay still when listening to this CD.

This CD once more proves that the Danish folk music is alive. The music is full of life and a
good mood.

The members of the ”Jelling Folk Music Group” love to play – it’s clearly

expressed through the music they deliver.

Dorthe Linde Jørgensen  Trin & Toner

( Steps & Tones”)

Lyt til mp3-filer fra CD-en

To- og tretur fra Falster

Clips of reviews of Mads Nielsen Tiufkjær Mark 1849:

….….a remarkable CD (in the best meaning of the word) with nice music by ”Mads Nielsen, the

field of Tiufkjær 1837-1849” – which is the name of his musical work too.

Mads was a weaver and a folk musician in Tiufkjær between Vejle and Kolding. He left two

Music books from the said period. The many exciting melodies are from this materiel.

The CD contains many really nice music numbers exchanged between the quite traditional

music – in for instance several really nice Hamburgers – and the more experimental music

where new sounds and rhythms are tested on the old music…..
One is for sure: Buy this CD and look forward to a recording of folk music that you can enjoy
and which can give you inspiration and joy.

Michael S. Petersen, Ramsø
Hjemstavnsliv nr. 11 nov. 2002

…..Because this music is spot on, it’s well-arranged,
and it’s played in a clean and rhythmic way.

The music is also very well-organized and finally spiced with a number of good and effective means.
The music is in possession of a lot of qualities
that you cannot always expect from a folk music group.

Listen to mp3-filer fra CD-en
Mads Nielsen, Tiufkjær Mark 1849:
Hamborger no. 276
Pere Walz no. 21 & 22
Hamborger no. 244

Clips of reviews of Mellem Højene:
….the ”Jelling Folk Music Group” has been in the studio, and let this be said immediately – that

with ”Between the heights” the group has made a great CD with a lot of wonderful numbers.

The group takes the listener on a musical trip to many different locations in Denmark with

focus on it’s own home region – but also Læsø, Fanø, Fyn and Vendsyssel……

Frederik Iversen’s ”Tyrolerhopsa the green” is given with a freshness and ease that Iversen
would have liked very much.

But also the other hopsa ”Immer fut i mutter”/”Always go in mum”  I would love to dance to

alive – light and delicious and dance-like as it is…..

Buy the CD, bid up your beloved to a dance  - or  even better : Just sit down and enjoy the music!!!
Søren Lond

Folk & Musik 9. Årg. No. 2/ Folk & Music the 9th year No. 2

….Here you meet a variation and diversity in expressions that are far beyound the usual, and

without risking losing it’s origin: Folk music.

Knud Rasmussen
The player’s circle

Listen to mp3-filer fra CD-en
Mellem Højene:
Den toppede høne fra Vendsyssel
Immer fut i mutter